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Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Marketing |

Digital Business Card for 21st Century

Digital Business Card for 21st Century


You are now living in the 21st century. It means you are now in the digital age. In the business industry, it doesn’t mean if you are a digital native or digital immigrate to share information to your client, what important is you can get your job done by having them know how they may reach and contact you.

Traditional Business Card

A Business card is a card also known as traditional business card made to be given to the client for business purposes with a company’s name or an individual’s name written on it. The address, telephone number, mobile number, company number and any information even the street address was typically added in a business card.

It is personally given by the owner which mostly are engaged in some business. It is for the people to easily locate the company or contact him whenever they are in need.

Before, the appearance of a business card is a simple white card with a black text on it, but now it is upgraded with one or two designs.

If you’re in a business currently in a transaction, how many business cards do you give away in a day? In a week? In a month? And also, what if you are currently in a networking service? How are you able to send them off your contact information?

That’s where you should consider a digital business card.

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What is a Digital Business Card?

It is just a one-step improvisation of a business card. Why? It is your business card, but was just engaged in the digital world. Just like an e-mail or another online app that makes your life easier, a digital business card helps you to send out your contacts while continuously importing their contacts in you. It gives you the opportunity to to organize the appearance of your business card on how you want it to look like that you think is fit in the business you are having.

How does a Digital Business Card work?

As basic as clicking, since it is a business card, you have of course to fill out the information you needed to be put on your business card. Giving your name, the company’s name and the address or exact location to where it is standing.

What’s so good about Digital Business Card is that since it is an online application, you can choose whatever photos you like on your business card. To check about digital business card you can go to It serves as a good digital business card service that might be right for you.

MBizCard – The best pick to have a Digital Business Card

There may be a lot of features to offer in different Digital Business Card App or Site, but you might want to check this mobile business card that offers unbelievably features to make your business card organized and suitable.

MBizCard is a digital mobile business card, a networking tool that helps you have an easy task to share information to your client and transactions. With countless of business cards with a simple black text with white stock appearance that are sent off every single day, also MBizCard is here to help you transform how does your card would look like.


Digital Business Cards for you

As the world continues evolving, and the number of years on Earth are not going down, the digital world keeps on evolving as well. Business men who are engaged digitally may find it best, but whatever kind of card you are using, may it be a paper business card or a digital business card, both are helping you to be known by people and attract clients and customers. Your job anyway is to acquaint anyone and propose a business. However, what makes digital business cards gained one point aside from that it helps you save earth for it doesn’t need a paper to be made, it allows you to be attached with your client in just one click and that your contact information will be send off to hundreds of people just as you like.

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Posted by on Jul 20, 2016 in Marketing |

How to Convince Finance Managers to Invest in Digital Marketing and SEO

How to Convince Finance Managers to Invest in Digital Marketing and SEO

Although technology has become very influential in different levels there are still some people who are more on the traditional side especially when it comes to marketing a business. These kind of people are settling a foundation from their ancestors’ beliefs and practices and of course this would be a little bit challenging for digital marketers to convince one businessman to become more productive in terms of advertising their potential business to grow. As these types of people who are very skeptical and would like to scrutinize your agenda it is good to bring them to people who can motivate and convince the value of having change in the business As mentioned, the challenging part should be taken seriously because finance managers do not waste time and does not play around when it comes to hearing recommendations. Connecting them with a digital marketing platform should give them the idea how important it is to have change in the business especially if business is at its down hill. Laying out information and plans is your best option to do. Explaining to them and making them realize how it is needed in the industry. Make sure that your platform is time bound and attainable at the same time.

Eventually finance managers will somehow agree to the terms but most of them are still holding on to what they are used to doing and believing. That is why it is important that you do your best to update them with the financial status and how far has investment reached towards the goal of change. Keep in mind that as you are dealing with convincing finance managers it is crucial that you give them the assurance that it is going to be controlled and there is a better chance of getting an increase of investment returns. Furthermore to expand their knowledge aside from the benefits and advantages that they can make use of digital marketing is through another ways of focusing mainly as to gather more consumers in the field of the business New platforms such search engine optimization may sound new and complicated to them but you have to explain and at the same time convince them how it could be an advantage not only for the managers but also to the business as well. Having them explore to new experiences, guaranteeing to your clients that is going to generate the number of potential consumers and business partners without exerting too much effort because this is monitored at the same time.

There are so many techniques for you to use and showcase it to finance managers. Having to have extra help from other forms and means of growing a business industry is to persuade them to be part of the change. If it happened that the finance manager is already a digital savvy then it is high time that you introduce more of the ways that you can help the company’s business to make a mark in the business world and that is being unique.

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