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Business Digital Marketing Strategies Matter – Here’s Why

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Uncategorized |

A digital marketing strategy is an absolute given for any company trying to market itself online – right? That’s certainly the impression you’d get from reading most digital marketing blogs, where the question of whether you should have a digital marketing strategy has long ago been eclipsed by how to develop one.

And yet, on the ground, most companies remain unconvinced. Studies shows that a full 50% of marketers have active digital marketing programmes, but no defined strategy at all. This is actually a slight increase from the previous year, when the figure was 46%. The other half is divided between those who have a stand-alone digital strategy (16%), and those who have integrated it into a more general marketing plan (34%). The latter are probably more advanced marketers, for whom digital marketing has become ‘business as usual’. I’m sure that many of the 50% of companies that do not yet have a written strategy are using digital media effectively and could certainly be getting results from their search, email or social media marketing. digital marketing company Massachusetts will tell you a strategy is the best option. Here are two reasons why:

  1. A written strategy gives you direction and focus

Companies that have not written down their approach may have a general sense of what they want to do online and what their tactics are, but are unlikely to have properly defined some of the essential elements.

For example, they may know that they want to get more visits to their website, but can they say how many? They may want to gain more customers, but can they pinpoint by what percentage, or through which channels?

Without specific goals, it’s harder to know exactly what you need to do online, and later to measure how successful you are.

Creating a written strategy forces companies to tackle these crucial questions, as well as formulate a powerful online value proposition, narrowly define the target audience, and carefully consider all the other building blocks for an effective digital programme.

  1. It ensures everyone is on board – and on the same page

Ensuring that there is broad support for your digital activity within your company can be difficult.

This is much easier to obtain if you have written documentation that spells out what you are aiming to accomplish, how it fits in with the company’s other marketing priorities, and gives you a way of measuring whether it’s working or not. Suddenly you have a digital programme that can be promoted and defended, rather than just “something some of us dabble in”.

Moreover, it ensures that there is a vision and method that everyone has to sign up to. Without a written strategy, every manager and director is free to project their own aims and priorities on the online activity, and all too often, the result is that everyone is working at cross-purposes without ever realising it.  Clarity is essential!

  1. You’ll be better resourced

If you’re working without a strategy, it will be harder to work out in advance what budget your digital programme needs in order to succeed, and what kind of skills your staff need to execute it.

Sure, you can apply for more funding and hire staff as and when the need arises, but you’ll always be on the back foot. Surely it would be more efficient – and easier to successfully make the case – if you were able to present a long-term plan for budget and staff members?

A Beginners Guidelines of Search Engine Optimization

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in About SEO |

Search engine optimization focuses on the marketing strategies and development of your business website. With the use of rankings, your visibility to the search engine page is possible in the growth of your business. Its aim is to improve any technical and creative support such as traffic, rankings and in the increase of awareness. Having to have a structured SEO is important as this will lead your customers and future business partners in the doorstep of your website. You must understand that SEO such as at does not only aim for your business to grow in numbers and making it user friendly but also in making your site for better place for people too.

Creating a website is just like building a home for your business. Some business people are not implementing this kind of strategy that is why most of which took its time grow. Most of the web traffic that is driven by the major commercialized engines are Google, Yahoo and even Bing. Although the use of social media can also traffic your business such as the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ search engine primarily navigate most internet users . This is basically true when you are providing content, services, products and information to your business website.

Your business is the target of the SEO specialist to provide traffic. This unique strategy makes the business a top rank every time there are people who are looking for what you have offered. It is important that seek for an expert specialist who can assist you especially when it comes to using the search engine optimization. Your search will be added to a database in which you won’t have to worry about how the queries in which people will be able to search your keywords. The right search engine optimizes your website and can even make you a target to everyone making you reach for thousands of visitors.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization word cloud

The benefit that you can gain from SEO is the boost of your website. It helps you gradually in improving your business website. The challenge is that the internet has become a wide variation of competition among all business markets. For you to be able to comprehensively take a part of reaching a growth, you need to have a good SEO specialist to carry you all throughout the journey. Remember that a company that has better performance when it comes to SEO, the advantage is that there will be visitors and at the same time customers.

Search engine optimization helps you to become a better company. Its makes you a leading potential business marketer because you have to stand on the ground. You may ever wonder if you can do SEO to yourself. Yes you can but with the busy schedules that you have, you will have less time. This kind of work requires a full commitment because you have to be monitoring with the progress. You will look up on two things, the growth in which you will be gaining visitors and even new customers and your website as being in the ranking of the search engine page.

Choosing a Website Design that will Fit your Business

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Web Design |

Having trouble in choosing the best web design that will fit your business? If you are then of course you need an expert to help you with web designers whose expertise like those at can truly enhance your website through tailor fitting to the type of your business. You must understand that a website is the home of where your marketing products and other means of business are displayed. This is mostly involving in an online-offline transaction between you and the client.

In order for you to have a good quality of website design, you must have tools that are going to be used by your website designer. These tools are used to make your website more accessible, thus making it more user friendly, which your website should be and avoid any confusion. As much as possible keep it all intact. Compared to other websites, avoid using too many links that will reroute your clients from another page. This will give them a hard time in loading pages especially if there are more than three browser tabs that have been opened.

As you choose a website design, make sure that it is fitted with the business that you have. Most of the time, the dilemma of choosing a good design can confuse you. Be sure that you are firm and you know what design you have always wanted for business. The crucial parts of having a business are the brand, logo and the design. People are more design oriented rather than the content of the business. For some people they find it more time consuming in reading the details. But you must emphasize that to avoid any legal disputes, it would be best to have your clients expose from the nature of your business by encouraging them to read more to avoid any confusion.

mobile weather application

First of all you need a good web designer. Measure the number of years of experience and also the quality of the work through its portfolio. The web designer must be well established and indicates that they have successfully implemented that strategies to make a website. Remember that your web design should be base on what you are marketing. Explain to your client what plans are done to make a one good website in which people will truly see the difference. Do not over exaggerate your web design. Keep it simple and classy as this can draw more people. Choose a template that will fit the entire set of your web design and your business.

The convenience is very important. You’d be surprised how people can be more attracted using natural or dark tone templates compared to flashy colors such as use of neons. All that you choose as a website design should be relevant. The use of images and other brand-logos should be unique and free from any copyrights. The good thing about building your business is to pave a way for the new generation in investing through a business website.

Digital Business Card for 21st Century

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Marketing |


You are now living in the 21st century. It means you are now in the digital age. In the business industry, it doesn’t mean if you are a digital native or digital immigrate to share information to your client, what important is you can get your job done by having them know how they may reach and contact you.

Traditional Business Card

A Business card is a card also known as traditional business card made to be given to the client for business purposes with a company’s name or an individual’s name written on it. The address, telephone number, mobile number, company number and any information even the street address was typically added in a business card.

It is personally given by the owner which mostly are engaged in some business. It is for the people to easily locate the company or contact him whenever they are in need.

Before, the appearance of a business card is a simple white card with a black text on it, but now it is upgraded with one or two designs.

If you’re in a business currently in a transaction, how many business cards do you give away in a day? In a week? In a month? And also, what if you are currently in a networking service? How are you able to send them off your contact information?

That’s where you should consider a digital business card.

Man Shopping Online

What is a Digital Business Card?

It is just a one-step improvisation of a business card. Why? It is your business card, but was just engaged in the digital world. Just like an e-mail or another online app that makes your life easier, a digital business card helps you to send out your contacts while continuously importing their contacts in you. It gives you the opportunity to to organize the appearance of your business card on how you want it to look like that you think is fit in the business you are having.

How does a Digital Business Card work?

As basic as clicking, since it is a business card, you have of course to fill out the information you needed to be put on your business card. Giving your name, the company’s name and the address or exact location to where it is standing.

What’s so good about Digital Business Card is that since it is an online application, you can choose whatever photos you like on your business card. To check about digital business card you can go to It serves as a good digital business card service that might be right for you.

MBizCard – The best pick to have a Digital Business Card

There may be a lot of features to offer in different Digital Business Card App or Site, but you might want to check this mobile business card that offers unbelievably features to make your business card organized and suitable.

MBizCard is a digital mobile business card, a networking tool that helps you have an easy task to share information to your client and transactions. With countless of business cards with a simple black text with white stock appearance that are sent off every single day, also MBizCard is here to help you transform how does your card would look like.


Digital Business Cards for you

As the world continues evolving, and the number of years on Earth are not going down, the digital world keeps on evolving as well. Business men who are engaged digitally may find it best, but whatever kind of card you are using, may it be a paper business card or a digital business card, both are helping you to be known by people and attract clients and customers. Your job anyway is to acquaint anyone and propose a business. However, what makes digital business cards gained one point aside from that it helps you save earth for it doesn’t need a paper to be made, it allows you to be attached with your client in just one click and that your contact information will be send off to hundreds of people just as you like.

Hotel Marketing: A Quick Guide.

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys staying away from home in a hotel, this guide is for you. You’ve got your high end, top quality hotels with big brand names like the Hilton or Thistle groups and their hotels come with a high price tag because of the brand rather than anything that they offer that’s different from the ‘budget’ chains. Names like Premier Inn and Travelodge are up and coming in recent years and the quality has upgraded significantly. Why pay the Hilton price tag for the same quality as the Premier Inn down the road?


There are a lot of reasons hotels are great to stay in, but what we are looking at is the way they market their products to their customers and how the marketing products used impact the customers want to come back and stay. Every hotel has posters, banners, leaflets and various print methods of telling you all about themselves. Menus for the restaurants are always in the bedrooms now, with full A4 sized books of prices and meals as well as room service menus. Information on how to gain access to the Wi-Fi service comes plastered to the television and the newest thing? Hotels now ensure they get table talkers print in their 100s to advertise many smaller services such as pillow menus! Pillow menus are the newest hack with hotels as they allow the customer to choose their own softness of pillow from a range in their room. Quite smart really, given that no two guests have the same taste in comfort.

All these methods of marketing are ways to make the hotel more appealing to guests, clients who have meetings within the hotel and visitors just passing by. Table talkers don’t just appear in the hotel rooms anymore; they’re a feature on hotel restaurant tables and check in desks, too. Small bites of information so as not to overwhelm potential business, but at the same time entice them with services that maybe don’t feature as much as they should. Using these to remind guests of savings or bundle deals they could have, they have a multitude of uses.

Keeping table talkers and menus in general bright, vibrant with ‘in your face’ text to capture the eye have been a way to make more money for a business. Guests who check in at the desk may catch bitesize information about the internet or late check in services on a well-placed table talker. The information used is small but gives the customer a prompt to ask for more information whereby the hotel staff can then explain the services used in a more detailed way.

Bell Graphics print table talkers to any specification you like. They’re designed to suit your brand and the message you wish to convey to your customers in the best and brightest of ways. Hotels aren’t the only users of these marketing gems, but then that’s a whole other article.


Choosing the right presentation folder?

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Choosing the right presentation folder printing provider can be difficult depending on your needs as a consumer. Are you looking for a company who produces plain folders or one who can evolve your creative ideas for you? Are you looking for a company who bulk print only or are you looking for a company who can tailor make your vision?

table talkers

When you visit you can be assured that the company you’re interested in is smart, creative and efficient. We want nothing more than to help you maximise your brand and promote your business mission in the best way possible and what better way to do that than to ensure you’re in the customers mind? Sharp, strategic designs as well as sleek printing materials are key when it comes to advertising yourself as a business. Bell Graphics can offer short or long run printing so whatever size job you require we can manage easily and on the best printing material.

The sophistication of printed presentation folders really stands out when you are raising awareness for your company. Branding and marketing are two of the most crucial aspects of any company and as most know, being a brand leader is the best way to keep sales coming and bankruptcy at bay. If all it took to keep consumers interested was a beautifully printed folder, we would all be rich. Alas, it ALL matters; the materials you have hand in hand with an exquisite presentation folder together count toward your brand marketing. It’s in our interest to make sure you have the best products for your needs. Printed presentation folders are not limited to one type of business. Every business can benefit from having presentation folders as they are a limitless tool when it comes to projecting your image.

Presentation folders are actually one of the most widely used tools in promoting a company. Job fairs are especially full of presentation folders as they do their job: hold information while also promoting a company brand. There are so many different shapes and styles of folder that whatever your needs are as a company, we can match them. All of our design specifications are available on our website as are our contact details so our friendly customer care team is just a phone call away. We can discuss with you your needs and help you build the designs you want to the specifications you require.

Advertising yourself as a company and promoting your business with the best materials is our goal. Your target audience is your biggest consideration so whether you have smaller marketing materials or larger we are able to print great presentation folders to suit. We are aware that your budget will be at the forefront of your mind and while it’s easy to say you can’t put a price on excellent promotional material, we are well aware that your marketing tools need to be affordable. We are able to offer affordable quality in effective time, every time.